What’s lurking outside my door….

I basically have approximately 20 carnivores outside guarding my house today….feeding on the insects outside. Let’s reveal their faces:

Nepenthes x coccinea
Nepenthes coccinea

Originated from grandmother’s place approximately 5 years ago, identity unknown (thought it was a rafflesiana) until people started talking about it on Green Culture Singapore. Someone even thought it was a rare form of rafflesiana and told me to be careful -_-” In the end it was a coccinea and Weng Ngai told me that it’s not surprising my grandmother bought it as Singapore had it on retail years ago. I guess you seldom see this hybrid nowadays (except for the weedy ventrata). A plant of sentimental value as it was passed on to me by my grandmother, and right now has such long vines all around putting out upper pitchers.

A KNIGHT class guardian 😀


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