Bukit Timah Nature Reserve follow up

I felt really great after visiting BTNS that day when we collected leaves, so I went again last Sunday to explore more of BTNS….including the cave path. I saw no cave but a gate….

Anyway, when I logged on to GCS after that, I read about a post where someone mentioned Tacca integrifolia (Bat lily) could be found on the cave path of BTNS….and I didn’t notice it! Must go back and look for it the next time….

Bat lily


2 Responses to “Bukit Timah Nature Reserve follow up”

  1. Hi there, did you ever see your bat lily? Cos a couple of months ago, I was walking the Cave Path at BTNR and saw one! It was amazing! Nothing like your picture ….. it was black and gothic looking. A single solitary and totally beautifully ugly flower! Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me so I don’t have a picture. The one I took with my phone doesn’t do it justice at all!

    Two weeks ago, I came across another beauty at the Cave Path – a large gland coral snake ….. bright coral red head and tail and electric blue and black transverse stripes along its body. Again, no camera! I don’t know why I never learn ……… 😛

  2. Xuan Hong Says:

    Yep!! Of course I saw. Haha….haven’t gt the time to update. I’ve been to BTNR many more times since and everytime I saw them. Hmm….I must go look for the snake!!

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