Monstrous Venus Fly Traps – The B52

Sounds like a lethal war machine.

Well, this plant is nothing less than that – in its war against insects. The B52 VFT is a new cultivar for Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea muscipula) which shows vigourous growth and brightly coloured traps up to 2.25 inches in conditions which will yield smaller traps in typical VFTs. Thats a whopping 6cm!

It was germinated and named by Henning von Schmeling in his breeding programme of VFT and is widely sought after by plant connoiseurs worldwide, including GCS (and me).

There may be a mass order to Keehn’s Carnivores from Canada in the near future – except that the shipping will be expensive. I feel tempted as this plant will put out large traps even though my conditions aren’t as ideal i.e. low light levels and stuff…

This cultivar was recently registered by Barry Rice in his new book “Growing Carnivorous Plants”. It is characterized by very vigorous growing robust plants that develop extremely large (over 2 inch) traps that obtain a deep red colour in bright light. Keehn’s carnivores sell tissue cultured, hardened plants equivalent in size to 2 and 3 year old soil grown plants.

This plant was recently highlighted by Lam in the following post:

3 Responses to “Monstrous Venus Fly Traps – The B52”

  1. Let my plants out of the fridge on ST Patricks Day. I bought them from you three years ago. Lost one. Would like to buy more venus fly traps. Mine did really well last fall on my condo deck. Every trap had flies. Under lights now. Please send me info so I can buy more. I pay with PAYPAL. thanks ray

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