Monstrous Venus Fly Traps – The B52 part 2

Few months after the mass order, GCS members have updated their B52’s KPI and shown us how’s the plant doing in Singapore’s condition.

Let’s look at some pics:

It’s amazing how crazy plant people like us (Or to phrase it nicely, plant connoisseurs) are so crazed about a variety of one plant species. I quote Cindy from GCS in one of her posts:

“Gosh! Other people walk their dogs but the whole bunch of us will be walking our VFTs!!!

Imagine the scene at the beach…

We are all smiling at one another, then we all turn and smile at our own VFTs…

…then we say to them…”The direct sunlight is good for you. You will look better (spelled redder) after this.”

But the growers all become “chao dar” at the end of it.”

Here is Lam’s plant, an expert at CPs with growing conditions I never cease to envy:

Alright, I hope I get my hands on one soon….


6 Responses to “Monstrous Venus Fly Traps – The B52 part 2”

  1. Wow, i am impressed with your plant collection.
    Is it really allow in HDB?

  2. Krystal Says:


  3. Thanks for your compliments! =) Yea these plants are allowed, provided you do not obstruct the corridor / passageway or pose a threat as ‘killer litter’

  4. Where can I get 1 in Singapore? It’s not popular here. I can’t find any at all.

  5. Far East Flora used to carry some, but depends on your luck and their demand. I think World Farm or Hua Hng trading at Bah Soon Pah road carries them very often. They require full sun to grow well.

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