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Monstrous Venus Fly Traps – The B52 part 2

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Few months after the mass order, GCS members have updated their B52’s KPI and shown us how’s the plant doing in Singapore’s condition.

Let’s look at some pics:

It’s amazing how crazy plant people like us (Or to phrase it nicely, plant connoisseurs) are so crazed about a variety of one plant species. I quote Cindy from GCS in one of her posts:

“Gosh! Other people walk their dogs but the whole bunch of us will be walking our VFTs!!!

Imagine the scene at the beach…

We are all smiling at one another, then we all turn and smile at our own VFTs…

…then we say to them…”The direct sunlight is good for you. You will look better (spelled redder) after this.”

But the growers all become “chao dar” at the end of it.”

Here is Lam’s plant, an expert at CPs with growing conditions I never cease to envy:

Alright, I hope I get my hands on one soon….


EP monsters!

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An update on my new friends from the Exotica Plants order:
Ventricosa X Pectinata
Still sulking I must say….haven’t been performing well. All pitchers gone except for one old one. The new leaves are so thin and small….Shdn’t have ordered this as it’s a highlander. No wonder not happy as my guardian. But I still love it! The pitcher so red and testicle like….so cute. My reddest nepenthes pitcher.
ventricosa pectinata
Supposed bishop class….but right now behaving like a rook -_-”

Madagascariensis X Ventricosa
Doing quite well I must say! Seems true that EP’s website says its a warm growing hybrid. The pitchers are indeed quite cute! Looks like a campanulata pitcher….and bigger 😛 ANyway, no 100% new pitchers yet, but the forming pitchers when it came developed well and formed pitchers of the same healthy size. Really relived it has adapted and grown well here. Was worth getting. Just that it was kinda windy recently and the plant toppled sideways….so the digestive juices spilled: You can see ants all around the pitchers, both live and dead. One of the major ant killers in the area. Doing a wonderful job!
A real good Bishop class guardian….may be promoted soon
madagascariensis X ventricosa

madagascariensis X ventricosa 2